2022 memories

At Pride Millvale 2022, Wes Mason of Wes Mason Media and Michele Revay of MicheleMakesPhotos were gracious enough to volunteer and take photos during the event! A selection of their work is featured here. We are so thankful to Wes and Michele for preserving so many of our favorite moments of the day! Please provide credit accordingly for any use of these photos (found it the captions). 

We encourage you to send in your photos and memories of Pride Millvale 2022 to pridemillvale@gmail.com! If you would like to request that a photo of you be removed from this site, please email pridemillvale@gmail.com and it will be promptly removed or edited accordingly. 

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As with all events, Pride Millvale 2022 taught us a lot about how to make this event better! Some of the Planning Committee's initial thoughts include: 

We also want to hear from you! Anyone who has feedback about the event can email pridemillvale@gmail.com.