Welcome to Pride Millvale! We are back for our second annual FREE event and as excited as ever!

Our goal is to emphasize the welcoming, educational, and celebratory atmosphere in the borough of Millvale.

This FREE event is entirely created, organized, funded, and enacted by volunteers.


A pink, glittery background has the following text: Pride Millvale Event InfoA light blue background has the following text: Transportation - Parking will be limited in Millvale! We encourage you to use public transportation, ride sharing, or to come by bike. Your best chance for parking is at the Millvale Riverfront Park. If you happen to find a parking spot, don't worry about the meters - they're free for the day!Cost - All Pride Millvale event spaces and activities are free of charge! Having cash may come in handy, though! Some vendors and businesses will be cash only. Show your support to our performers by bringing small bills! There are ATMs located around town, if needed.COVID-19 - Pride Millvale is an outdoor event. Even so, we encourage that attendees act with precaution by wearing masks and social distancing. Please keep in mind that many local businesses have their own rules regarding masks and other COVID precautions. Bring a mask so that you can take advantage of all the great things Millvale has to offer!Pride Merch - Pride Millvale 2022 t-shirts will be for sale at all Pride Millvale info tables! Explore the town and get a discount! If you visit all four Pride Millvale info tables and get your event brochure marked, you will receive $5 off a Pride Millvale 2022 t-shirt. Dogs - We love Pride festivities, but it doesn't mean your dog will! With the crowds, unexpected noises, and loud entertainment, it's probably for the best if your pup hangs at home while you come celebrate. Please keep in mind that individual businesses have their own policies about dogs. Family Friendly! All Pride Millvale event spaces are smoke-free and family-friendly. Entertainment and activities in public event spaces (GAP Park, Butler Street, Sheridan Street) have been curated with this in mind. Please note that individual businesses have planned their own programming for the day.Event map - Our event map is live at PrideMillvale.org! Visit our website for an interactive map, where you can check out our event spaces and all businesses that are participating in our event!


2022 Pride Millvale Allyship Slides

Individual Donations

Pride Millvale is now accepting individual donations! This is a great opportunity for individuals, families, and those not affiliated with a business/organization/group to contribute to making Pride Millvale 2022 the best it can be.

Donations via our GoFundMe are easy to make online and tax deductible.

Find more event details and show your interest on the Facebook event linked below!


Please consider biking, walking, using a ride app, or carpooling!


Parking will be limited on the day of the event. There is free parking along the main and side streets of Millvale. Please see the interactive map above for additional parking at the Millvale Riverfront Park at the lot at 112 Meade Street in Millvale.


Please consider utilizing public transportation. Both the 1 and 2 PAT lines run directly into Millvale. Check out Google Maps for route and time information.


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Please email pridemillvale@gmail.com with any inquiries.